Department of Commerce

Government Wide Procurement System

As a Contracting Officer, I've worked in several different procurement offices, under several different agencies. The procurement system (software) used at each of these offices has also been different. The system I am currently using is very old, inefficient, cumbersome, and limited in its abilities. The biggest obsticle is the time and effort it takes to learn a new system when transferring to a different agency. With procurement people moving into and out of offices on a regular basis, it seems a common Government wide system would benefit all. Employees wouldn’t have to learn a new system every time they moved to a new agency. This would cut down on unnecessary training and learning of a new system. Employees could jump right in and be productive. In addition, the Government could focus on ensuring that one robust system is efficient, effective, and meets the needs of today’s procurement workforce.



Idea No. 8543