Department of Transportation

Government Website Chat Representatives

Most companies that create websites for easier access to information also have a link that allows you to “chat” with a company representative. I am unaware of any assistance like that through any of the federal government websites. Most website company representatives are available to “chat” 24/7 to assist the public, although there are companies that only offer the “chat” certain times of the day. I would like to suggest all federal agencies to have available “chat” representatives on their websites to assist the public. As a government employee, too many times I’ve been told that offices have been called by the public and it takes days to get a response and sometimes no response at all. With government "chat" representatives in place, the public would have greater access to information they are trying to obtain without having to leave a name and number and wait for a response. Most of the government websites are inundated with too much information and it is hard for the public to find what they need.

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