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This idea is for all government agencies and all supply managers. I would welcome comments.


To help promote cross agency cooperation and save money, create a .gov website similar to Craigslist that agencies requisition for excess property and material in a local area. Why should one agency buy new items, like desks or chairs, when another agency has excess material in a local area? After the item has been listed for more than 30 or 60 days it becomes excess and is auctioned to the highest non-government entity. This would allow agencies to better cooperate and to share resources more easily, we need to get over the idea that the DoD budget is different that the DoL, SSA or DoT budget, it all comes from the taxpayer. If one agency buys an item, but cannot use it, pass it along to another agency or sell it to the highest bidder. Let's empty the government excess in warehouses across the country.

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