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Department of State

GovDocs: A collaborative clearance platform

Many of us spend hours a day moving paper from one office to another through the clearing process in order to build consensus and input on policy issues. Oten times we are working across agencies and across time-zones with our counterparts across the U.S. and/or at different U.S. embassies around the world.


I propose that agencies engaged in the writing clearance process have a collaborative software developed (similar to Google Docs) that is not only secure for government use but allows individuals across bureaus and agencies to clear documents in real-time.


The software would allow the owner to see who has cleared a document and the changes that have been made while also showing a revision history. The software would also include a real-time chat box so that agencies could identify problems and speak to each other in real-time while working in together to move a document forward.


Once the document becomes cleared by all relevant parties, the owner would be notified and the document could be downloaded for final submission.


The software would also allow the owner to upload the finalized document to the bureaus intranet for wider-department use and be readily searchable for others looking to access cleared language.


For documents that the government would like to make available to the public, a simple check on the software could automatically update the document to the relevant website or social media alert.



Idea No. 6773