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Department of Veterans Affairs

Going Green in style while helping others

-All vehicles to be energy efficient such as the Ford Fusion which would allow for less gas spent.


-Recycling should be done of cardboard, glass, aluminum. The funds should be put back into rewards for employees pushing for ways to save money in the form of monetary or days off.


-paper should be shredded, but recycled to be used in other ways.


-More solar panels, wind turbines and overall power saving devices.


-Employees who can work from home on days or work condensed weeks to save money for the agency in the cost of water for bathrooms, electricity, and office space.


-When things are torn down they should be stripped for things that can be recycled. Again, not to make a profit but to put the money back into the employees to improve moral.


-Buy pens that can take refills and buy refills. Less waste.


-Put Air dryers in all public restrooms to do away with paper towels and save money.


-End Styrofoam containers and go green with the food items by either using washable reusable trays and plates or use biodegradable or recyclable materials.


-Instead of purchasing water, put in water filtration units where employees can have save clean water verses the germs that come with the water cooler.


- Have televisions with information through out the hospitals giving information which will save man power and paper. This would be good in areas of eligibility, the ER, clinics etc.


-Have an electronic message board for employees to communicate verses sending out huge emails for all to read where the employee can go to check information. Again, this would save paper.



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