Department of Defense

Go Hybrid

Many of the vehicles in the DOD, in my experience exclusively the military, are depended on day by day for many to perform the mission. Whether it be to drive to and from a briefing, sitting idle to watch traffic and clock speeders/ those who roll through the stop signs, to sit idle and drive crew chiefs and aircraft specialsts back and forth on the flight line as they prepare jets for their missions, the list goes on. Vehicles sit at idle and drive back and forth all day across bases all over our great nation and throughout bases overseas, and also through out our DOD that are not military. If we could begin a mission to change our vehicles (those that can be changed,) out for hybrids, think how much gas (money) we would save and how we could help our envirnment. We could donate the vehicles we swap to victims sstill struggling to recover from national disasters, such as Hurricane Katrina & the tornado that hit Joplin.This small move could be could be the start of something great.

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