Department of Veterans Affairs

Go Green Spirit! Being Resposible for the Paper used.

I believe in being responsible for everything you do and say. And if we say we want to have a greener world then we should ACT on it and NOT just SAY it. Having said that, even though we are on our way to be in a paperless work environment, the truth is that we are not there yet and most people truly do want to have a greener world but just dont act upon it!


The reality is that copies are still printed for various uses: presentations, studies, reports, etc. My idea is to assign every employee a code in order to print or make copies. This way, if there are any abuses or negligence by the employee, administration can be made aware of this person carelessness and correct the situation. Many times is the little things that make the biggest impact: one person at a time making sure the printer is ready to print, double side printing, considering printing black and white to save on ink, making sure of printing exactly what we need and not extra "just in case", or even trusting the participants to PRINT their OWN copies before coming to a seminar or presentation, etc. This places the responsability on the individual to take ownership and be responsible for their participation in a greener, more beautiful world for future generations, SAVING tax payer's money and using this extra money on more needed places.


It takes several steps to get to the top of the stairs, and so the is the same for a more conscientious "Go Green" world and mindset. I believe this is another step to get there.


Thank you!

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