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Get rid of AMC Rodeo

AMC Rodeo is an international airlift competition that takes place every other year at McChord AFB, WA. On paper, the event probably costs $1-2 million. In reality, it's probably closer to a half billion. Mobility aircrews from each AMC base spend 4-6 months doing nothing but practicing--going tdy, practicing short field landings and aerial refueling. AF brass will say "great, more training for our crews". Wrong. Only the most experienced crew members are selected, meaning the ones who need training the least. In the meantime, the crewmembers that need training the most don't get it, the most experienced crews are kept at home while everyone else deploys (inexperienced crews flying combat missions). The refueling training specifically does not correspond to actual procedures that we use in combat or peacetime. The crews are practicing Rodeo-specific procedures, which do not apply to any real world application. With a C-17 costing approx $35k per flight hour, it does not take long to rack up a huge bill. Furthermore, there is a FULL TIME civilian GS employee who's entire job is to plan this 5-day, every-other-year event. It is the pinnacle of government waste.



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