Department of the Interior

Get Serious about Recycling and Going Green

I believe we (the Federal Government) need to become the leader in our efforts to recycle and find as many ways as we can to further the "Going Green" effort. It should not be thought of as an option. Recycling means recycling,,, not just the things that are convienant, but the hard items too. There should not be one aluminum can ending up in a landfill coming from a goverment facility!!!!! Recycling Cans, the ones with the round hole in the top of the lid, should be placed in strategic and convienant areas of all government buildings. Donate the cans to your local Senior Citizens Group or Domestic Violence Center. Accumulate and return profits to pay for other recycling efforts. Unfold and bundle all cardboard used throughout government. Sort and recycle all metal, wood and plastic. Make your department turn in an empty ink cartridge in order to receive a new one. Then make sure they are returned to the manufacturing company to be taken apart and recycled. Insist that our vendors have recycling efforts in place at their facilities too.



Idea No. 16616