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Get Rid of Sato Travel

I honestly do not know what we pay them for. Everyone responsible for making travel plans is capable of making airline, hotel and car reservations online, or doing so directly with the vendors. Sato is completely nonresponsive to emergencies and often, more of a problem than a solution. I recently had a problem with an airline reservation while overseas in which a flight was cancelled and I found myself stranded. I called the Sato emergency number and was placed on hold and never got off. I waiting for ANYONE to answer the phone for 30 minutes before I decided to use another phone to call the airline directly. I held with Sato the entire time, just in case they picked up. I spent almost an hour on the phone with the airline, with a very helpful woman who fixed the problem, and in that time -- almost 90 minutes total -- nobody from Sato ever answered the phone. Other people on my trip had the same experience and everyone eventually abandoned calling Sato and just called the airline directly. This was not the first time I had called Sato only to have them never answer the phone, causing me to ask again what we are paying them for. We could save a lot of money just maing our reservations directly and since they provide such bad service, we would not lose anything in the process.



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