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Get Rid of Air Force RODEO

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In the Air Force we have this event called a RODEO it's a week long to showcase how fast teams from various bases can complete various activities. The main focus is how fast pilots can take off, land and perform different maneuvers. They say "this competition focuses on improving our worldwide air mobility forces' professional core abilities." They also claim it's for morale. Not everyone gets to compete, they take small teams from different bases and personally as supply troop it just gives me more work to do.

You have to pay for extra fuel for these airplanes to fly to the location, compete, and then fly back to their home base. Plus you are paying for hotels for the teams going and the teams consist of approximately 15 people, and you have to pay them per diem. Different aspects of the RODEO have already been cut, for example the supply rodeo so why do you continue to waste money on the flyers?

Again, they say it's to improve our worldwide air mobility forces' professional core abilities but we have unit compliance inspections every other year that also cost excess money, why not improve the abilities when you are evaluating them?

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