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GUARDIAN Collaboration System

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We are the best nation in the world but our eyes cannot see what the feet are doing. When a manager is given a budget they are strongly compelled, if not ordered, to spend this entire budget. The consequence to their unit are dire and include a lower budget and possible the reduction of the very innovators that made these saving possible in the first place. It may seem this financial crisis appears to be the problem but, in reality, it is only the most prevalent symptom of a gross communications failure that affects every units and citizens alike. I propose the creation of the GUARDIAN Collaboration System which would be a simple and cost effective solution that can be implemented throughout all federal units in a matter of weeks with appreciable results produced shortly after. Many agencies are using complex COS or ingrown collaboration systems and this is commendable but there is little that links the whole thing together. I can’t give the technical description in this proposal but we all have MS Office which includes OneNote. The application is simple, powerful, and with the right set of knowledge and effort can easily be integrated into a government wide system. This won’t be a everything system that renders systems useless and confusing. This system will be designed to track only the costs of projects throughout the system. As project teams modify the plans and produce savings the system shows windfalls while allowing designated managers to request funds from these windfalls while a certain percentage is provided to the responsible task group as bonuses. No more “black hole”! We make real-time data visible to the citizens, online, so that they can observe the government’s workforce taking respectful efforts to manage funds in a way that honors what they provide us. Let’s implement this and so the American people actually see good work we do every day.

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