Department of the Interior

GSA not assisting with rental buildings

We are required to use GSA to find and rent a building for our stations over 2500 square feet. They act like they have a monopoly, cost us a lot of money, and do not provide adequate service.

GSA takes a generous percentage off the top of the rent we pay, and provides little to no service for the money. They require that janitorial services contracts go through them, and what we get is an expensive janitorial contract, poor performance from the contractor, and no assistance from GSA in fixing problems.

In finding a building to rent, they are arrogant, uncommunicative, drag us through a 5-year process, and make decisions on our behalf without consulting us. I am not grousing about one or two incidents - this is an overarching problem as long as anyone here can remember with several different GSA offices.



Idea No. 3983