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GSA AUDIT for contract maintenance services AGAIN

I have to go to a GSA vendor for vehicle maintenance. The problem is this (recent example):


Car is over heating...needs thermostat replacement ($20 part, plus $15 labor from local dealership, and free ten minute diagnostic)...HOWEVER! GSA vendor does the following: diagnostic check: $35, unknown results...replace water pump: $130 for pump, $35 thermostat replacment, $200 labor, shop fee, paperwork cost.


Seems wrong? Here is another from the same GSA vendor: Car not starting without a jumpstart....Autozone checks the battery and says in needs replacement, Free diagnostic...battery quote: $100 (all fees, tax, etc) and about 20 minutes in the parking lot...GSA Vendor: (follow me) hmm, not sure what it could be: $35 diagnostic fee, $25 dollars overnight on a battery charger, then (a few days later) $125 for a new battery, $25 labor, shop fees, document fees, core charge.


Make sense?



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