Department of Homeland Security


I was a GS-5 when I was commuting to and from work an hour and a half one way. I understand that i took my job and that I knew that I would be living that far from work. I am a single mom of two and I wasnt going to pick my kids up and move them from where they grew up right away. What my point is, is that GS-12s and higher get take home vehicles...why? They only live 20 min away 90% of them. If I could afford $450 in gas a month they should be able to afford to drive the 20 min to work everyday. if there is an emergency and they have to get to work, let them write off the $7 that it would cost them in gas.

I think that the only ones that should have take home vehicles are the top two people in every station and the person that is on duty for the weekend. I believe that that would save the government a great deal of money.



Idea No. 11930