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With our world today, our natural resources are diminishing, and we are trying to do what we can to reserve them.

Solar panels could be built, and save money spent on energy throughout time. Small solar panels can power small things throughout our facilities, if the government does not want to spend millions on huge solar panels. A great way to promote going green could be installing solar panels on the GEMS (Green Environmental Management) building. By doing so, you are saving money, and educating the workers of GEMS by giving them a hands on experience when it comes to solar panel energy. Also, another benefit of installing these solar panels, people throughout the facility can learn the pros, cons, and upkeep of the solar panels and how it improves our pocket books, and environment.

Wind Turbines, not as expensive and very consistent. We could install wind turbines to power buildings throughout the facility, its energy that is never ending.

The use of garbage for energy. Throughout my couple years working at the Captain James A. Lovell facility, at almost every event, we do not have recycling.

Last year we had an event, and things we gave for beverages came out of water bottles and cans. At every event, and all around the facility, we should have PLASTIC, PAPER, GLASS, AND ALUMINUM recycling bins. With all the trash we produce throughout the year, if we recycled with more than just a recycling bin in our offices... we could use that trash to convert it into energy not to only power the VA, BUT it can also create profit. Businesses could buy this energy that we produce from trash. We could start our own "Recycling Trash Into Energy" building, like Waste Management. By doing so, we create revenue for the Govt and save money from the disposal of trash. Without all the trash being put into our Earth to decompose, this would GREATLY help out our environment and prevent toxic substances from getting into our groundwater, and conserving our fresh water reserves.

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