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GET OUT of Commercial Leases---All Federal Agencies

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Per a May 6, 2011 article by Gregory Korte in USA Today, titled Proposal Addresses Property Disposal:


"The Whte House released a list of 12,218 federal properties that are going unused.".


Many Government Agencies pay rent for high cost, commercial property, while Government-owned facilities in close proximity are vacant or not fully utilized. The Federal Government should produce a lease consolidation plan to get out of the many leased commercial properties on the books. The ironic part is that the Federal Government actually provides Government-Owned Contractor-Operated (GOCO) facilities to defense contractors. Not only is this a competitive advantage but it goes against the Facilites Phase-Out Plan of the 1968 U.S. Congress Brooks Committee. Federal Agencies use of commercial property just makes no sense from a business standpoint. The Government needs to be managed more like a business to protect the American taxpayer.

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