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Fundamental Paradigm Change for Process Improvement

Ten years in two agencies show a pattern: no fundamental process improvements, no refinement of mission and execution, and no effective feedback mechanism.


My idea is simple: allow employees to post to a centralized repository (like Ideascale, the SAVE Award vendor) but with a wiki-like ability to edit certain promising contributions. The objectives would be to identify "holes" in processes, inefficiencies and obsolescent forms and procedures, and develop new methods and procedures. Reduction of unnecessary workload, documentation, etc should be as important as introduction of new and refinement of existing processes.


Also, agencies should identify and publicize on an ongoing basis their top three/ten/twenty-five problems, inefficiencies, and opportunties for improvement.


This would represent a fundamental sea change from the ongoing bloat and drift experienced by federal agencies.


The goal is a continual refinement of



Idea No. 15216