Department of Health and Human Services

Free child care

This is similar to another welfare to work suggestion, but slightly different. Establish free child care centers (daycare) on a first come first serve basis for anyone regardless of income. Some people pay as much as $200 per week for daycare in the summer months especially. Trained and supervised welfare recipients could man the daycare. Work for minimum wage for the number of hours it takes to equal their monthly check. They would get work experience and the public could get free daycare. $800 per month in extra income would be a huge asset to families and it will be of minimal expense to the government/states. They could also pick up trash on roads, clean parks, and other low skill level work. Being productive helps with mental and physical health. Since these individuals are likely on free medical assistance those costs could be positively impacted by this physical activity.


They could take their kids to work at the daycare so having kids would not be an excuse for not working.



Idea No. 6128