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Free Vacation equals $5 Billion in Savings

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Free vacation is something everyone can afford. If each Government employee was required to take five days of unpaid leave (not in place of annual leave) each fiscal year, roughly 2% (approximately $5 Billion) of the Government Payroll would be saved.


Some states have directed furlough days (up to 12 days a year) in which state employees are required to take predetermined days of pay without leave. With this option Government employees would be able to plan which days of the year they would like to take their unpaid days.


Currently furlough days are not directed for Government employees. This option is a reasonable solution to which every Government employee will be part of in saving the Government Billions of dollars.


This option gives Government Employees the freedom to choose which days they would like to take a free vacation instead of being directed which days you are required to take unpaid days of leave.


Additional options and considerations:


1. Employees may take additional free vacations up to 10% of their obligated duty through permission from their direct supervisor and pending timeliness of request.


2. Free vacations can be combined with annual leave to give an employee a full week of leave.


3. Government employees will not be directed to take free vacations besides the five per year.


4. These days can be taken all at the same time without affecting your benefits due to having paid days in the same pay period.


How the savings add up:


52 weeks x 5 days per week = 260 days – 10 holidays = 250 business days


5 free vacation days/250 business days = 2% of an employees salary (spread out by the employee)


2% of the Government Payroll (Low Estimation $250 Billion) = $5 Billion!

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