Department of Commerce

Follow the Speed of the Leader

After spending many years in sales and marketing I worked my way from ground level entry to top level management. I feel that every person in the higher eichelons of management should (at minimum) be required to stay updated on any program, either new, renewed, or revisited in their department. I understand that many have climbed the proviable ladder of success. However, they should be required as part of their supervisory status to approach a hands on training to keep apprised of the skills they may need to teacher their subordinates. Think of this as a Continuing Educational Unit (CEU) approach. I realize the supervisory staff cannot take work away from the workers, but they certainly can learn from contact with the citizen how to train their own staff. In other words, many supervisors have become complacent in the position and think they are above lower level work.


In my department, for example, calling the citizen and speaking with them requires a survey specific approach. This technique is constantly subject to change, based on the content and outside influence, by the media or current political challenges. Insight is needed in order to be able to teach it. Hence, the upper level staff needs to be regularly retrained.



Idea No. 16828