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Flights from Technical Training to First Duty Station

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When I left tech school at Lackland, I tried to get a flight from Albany, NY my hometown to London Heathrow airport my first base RAF Mildenhall.

But the CTO office said I would only be allowed a government flight from San Antonio to London. I had to purchase a flight from Albany to San Antonio. Then fly on government funds from San Antonio to London. I lose fund, and government funds are lost. It would have been cheaper for the government to fly me from Albany straight to UK. The distance would have been less, thus a cheaper flight could be found, saving government funds.If this is happening with every tech school student, an big amount of funds are wasted frequently. This comes from Expedia:A flight from SanAntonio to LHR:$1,493.30 5:55 pm Depart San AntonioArrive LHR 11:25 am Tue 23-AugDuration: 11hr 30mnAmerican Airlines 3757 / 98Connect in Chicago (ORD)A flight from Albany, NY to LHR:$1,314.30 5:54 pm DepartAlbanyArrive LHR 10:00 am Tue 23-AugDuration: 11hr 6mnUS Airways4497/4329/728Connect in LGA, Philadelphia Intl



The difference is $179.00. The AF must buy flights from an airport close to the student's leave.Each week, there are about 12 students graduating tech school from each career field. There are 134 AFSCs. The AF can save up to $287,832 a week (12 x 134 x 179.00). Multiplied by 52 weeks in a year, the Air Force can save $14,967,264 yearly.This idea was sent to the AF IDEA program, but it was declined because AFI 24-101 forbids the use of airports other than the one near the origin base. But if this AFI is changed, the government would save $14,967,264 yearly. If there are also instructions in each branch of service, that number of $14,967,264 is multiplied by 4 (1Air Force 2Navy 3Marines and 4Army). Thus the government can save $59,869,056 yearly

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