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Flight Suit Reutilization Program (FSRP)

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The military flight suit is a purpose built, government issued, uniform needed to keep air crews and missile crews safe and comfortable while performing flight or missile duty. However, this uniform has found its way into daily use at government expense for non-flying and non-missile activities.


Recommend that flight suits be maintained as hand receipted issue items managed by each base logistics readiness squadron or equivalent. Flight suits should be issued only to personnel performing duties that require it and flight suits should only be authorized for wear in pursuit of flight and missile duties. This should greatly extend the life of each flight suit and reduce the total inventory required. When the member PCSs, the flight suits should be cleaned and turned back in for re-issue. This is the current process with other safety gear including parkas and gas masks. With the exception of officer rank, the flight suit is customized by Velcro affixed patches and requires no alteration, making it ideal for turn in and reuse. The addition of officer rank as a Velcro item should be feasible, or it could be eliminated by printing rank on the name tag as it is for enlisted members. Further mitigating this is that officer rank is also displayed on the flight cap.


Regardless of duties each person in an aircrew or space related career field is issued two flight suits per year, on average, including those in permanent staff positions. Conservative estimate of 100,000 personnel eligible and an estimated $100 per flight suit puts the total around $20M-$25M annually. By re-using flight suits and limiting distribution I conservatively estimate a 75 percent reduction in need for flight suits.

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