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Department of Defense

Fire/kick out worthless people

The military, and likely all government positions are staffed by a lot of good, hard working people. There are also a lot of worthless people who do nothing but show up to work and collect a paycheck. Enforce the ratings system, and kick out worthless dirtbags. The ratings system itself isn't broken, our leadership is. Start at the top, kick out some high level officers if they won't start kicking out their own people/holding them to standards. The result is not only not paying worthless people, but making some of these people worthwhile. Not all of them are stupid or incapable, most are just lazy or unmotivated. Show them the free ride is over and we'll get productivity out of them. We spend so much money on personnel, why not ensure those personnel are pulling their weight. The mechanisms are already in place, someone just needs to start dropping the hammer and holding folks responsible. The military drops folks all the time, people complain they can't work with so few people. They can't because only one or two people in each workcenter carry the whole section. Hold everyone accountable. If two people are doing the work of ten already, but you're paying all ten, why not kick out two or three and force the others to work.



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