Department of Education

Financial Literacy Intiative

I am proposing that we work together to create a Financial Literacy Program that contains standardized guidelines for Federal agencies to use as a way to partner with our communities related to sharing knowledge about the work done in the Federal Government. As a way to give back to the community, it is important to not only share knowledge about our work with young people but also the financial skills needed once the paychecks are earned from the work done. In the long run, any costs incurred would benefit our country due to having well educated Americans in the area of Financial Literacy in a standardized format with the same familiar terms used across the board to ensure common ground to settle financial matters in a better way.


I have reviewed some information about Financial Literacy to educate Americans at the Federal level and Financial Literacy for students in schools at the State level. However, I haven't seen a mandatory program instituted by the Federal Government to guide our future leaders of America in the area of financial management. I believe the Federal Government should be more involved in making Financial Literacy a mandatory requirement for students. All Americans should have the opportunity to manage money made in an appropriate manner not just personally but in a respective, responsible way for our country. In lieu of our country's economic status, the time is now to consider options of how to make sure that our young people don't make the same financial mistakes as in the past creating an uncertain financial future. We need to start setting an example to the young children of this country by expanding the knowledge of financial concepts instead of the repeated political tactics that occur between the parties to resolve the debt of this country. This is especially important if these young people go on to represent our country.


As a mom, I have written my children a book to help teach them financial management skills. In addition, as an employee with the U.S. Census Bureau, I periodically volunteer my time to participate in a program with high school students discussing Financial Literacy using information from the same book. During my presentation, I mention general financial management skills and relate those skills to having a job. What better way to enhance the financial state of our country than to begin expanding knowledge to our young people in our workplaces and schools?!



Idea No. 17915