Department of Energy

Financial Burdens Demo


Immediately create a demo project for reporting NNSA encumbrances into the official Department of Energy (DOE) Finanical System.



-- DOE Laboratory encumbrances on the uncosted portion of commitments are real financial liabilities on work that is often already completed but not yet billed. This is money that is not available to programs or Congress for repeal.

-- Given the tight budgets, long CRs, and multiple Congressional rescissions – the lack of reporting encumbrances into the official DOE financial system could lead to inadvertent over expenditures of accounts.

-- The laboratories already report these encumbrances into the DNN Programs’ internal financial systems.

Therefore, a win-win solution is for you to announce a demo project where starting ASAP the labs should report encumbered commitments in the DOE financial system for all DNN projects/B&R codes. This demo would be limited to DNN Appropriated funds to ensure no additional burdens are placed on the National Laboratories. This would have to apply to all labs not just NNSA labs.



Idea No. 13893