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File sharing service allows organizations to post and retrieve files exceeding 100 Megabytes.

*Email: Large messages are blocked by email servers.

*AKO/DKO: Cumbersome, extremely slow, and fails more often than not.

*Faxing: Inefficient and costly to print large documents and take them to a facsimile machine to send.

*DOS-based applications: Incompatible with new operating systems; may bypass virus protection.


File Cloud: Obviates the need for all of the above systems for transferring large files or documents. Each organization administers its own Web-based location. Password/token access. Decisions to utilize files will lie with the organizational user. Old files automatically purged.





1)Do not open or download a file without prior information



2)Seven day file life

3)Virus scanned

4)Files exclusively incoming (internal large file transfer mechanisms common)

5)Password access to sandbox: External posters

6)Token access: Internal DoD users



Posting to AKO takes many minutes to an hour with no guarantee of success, particularly files in excess of 100 Megs. Most organizations use AKO only for small files. Organizations with large file sharing needs acquire custom solutions.

Invoices now received by snail-mail could be quickly retrieved from the File Cloud, saving postage – costs that vendors pass on to the consumer (DoD). Invoice payments are expedited, reducing late payment penalties.

IT departments world-wide are relieved from maintaining a variety of attack-vulnerable, legacy, DOS-based file sharing (FTP/SFTP) applications. Costly attacks exploiting legacy applications are eliminated. Costly revisions to legacy DOS-based applications to run on newer operating systems are gone.

Extra steps to fax would be conserved, along with paper costs and wood pulp. Optical Character Recognition of received faxes is undependable compared to direct retrieval of the original data file.

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