Environmental Protection Agency

Fewer Energy Vampires

Cut down on the number of "energy vampires" , i.e. electrical devices drawing power when they are powered down ("off"). An example would be a laptop computer which has an external transformer (it looks like a brick) which supplies power. When the computer is powered down the transformer does not turn itself off. You can tell it is on if it is warm to the touch. Sometimes it may have a small light showing it is consuming power. There are other such devices such as computer monitors which also may consume power when off. The savings idea would be to supply a power strip with each installation of computer eqjuipment that supplies the electrical power to all.. Throwing the off switch on the power strip when leaving for the night ensures all the transformers are not consuming power needlessly. A similar setup could be done for other devices, such as video equpment which has "instant on" features. An additional savings might be realized by eliminating heat produced by the transformers during the summer months.



Idea No. 3385