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Department of the Interior

Feral Hog problem in southern states

The feral hog populations in several southern states (Texas to Georgia) are not only destroying private farm land, create hazards for roadways, they are destroying pristine federal wildlife management areas. Often the US Fish and Wildlife will pay to have helicopter crews try to flush these feral hogs out of areas and then they will be euthanized. It seems that the government shouldn't have to pay anything to have these animals hunted for population control. There are plenty of hunters that would be willing to hunt these feral hogs for free on public lands and even private lands if allowed. The meat could be donated to homeless shelters and local food banks which would also lower government costs. As an outdoor enthusiast and hunter myself I hate to see wildgame wasted. If a poacher did this they would be fined and or arrested. Why is it ok for the government to do this.



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