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Department of the Interior

Federal Resources Listing and Phone Directory

The Federal Government could realize a significant cost savings by eliminating the need for the unecessary purchase of materials and hiring of staff which might already exist and be available at any given agency for a short-term period. In essence this would entail an updated contact listing of resources to include physical materials, human assets, and expertise. For example, if an agency had the need for the services of a land surveyor or land surveying equipment, they should have an easily accessible database from which to search for such resources within the Federal Government, before having to purchase or hire more especially if the need is temporary in nature. Collaboration could then take part between the two parties of interest. This mirrors what has been for decades common practice in the commercial market and makes for good economic sense. In can be thought of as a "Yellow Pages" of services and materials within government, for government, and for the greater benefit of the people.



Idea No. 14443