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Federal Information Technology Cost Benchmarks

Create a benchmark of costs for typical information technology (IT) services, based on actual data from Government contracts. Help desk cost per user for example. The transparency of cost information would bring cost efficiency by helping both industry and Government insure contract bids are priced within realistic cost ranges, that consider the size and unique security requirements of Government.


The Benchmark would provide a tool for the Government to "see how" other parts of the Government have done in terms of negotiating for technology service costs. The use of benchmarks is best practice in industry, but industry benchmarks do not really fit the Government need well, because of the size of Government contracts and Government security requirements. For example, a large company can expect to spend around $900 per user / year for help desk support, but this is not really a valid benchmark for the Government if you consider costs for support in high security environment.


The Government IT Cost Benchmark could protect proprietary, and contract sensitive information, by not disclosing the individual sources of data, or revealing the underlying data points. The benchmark would be presented in terms of a “median” and a range.


The Benchmark could also be quickly and easily “piloted” using information from GSA. As more agencies find the data useful, they could participate by providing their data.



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