Department of the Treasury

Federal Income Tax

Most if not all American's hate paying federal income tax and would love to eliminate federal tax, but what is the answer?

The answer is to establish a federal lottery commission similar to what most states have such as the State of Texas. This would require the establishment of a Federal Lottery Commission to manage and oversee this effort. Most individuals would argue that this establishes another federal agency requiring capital and funding authorizations and in the end does not save the tax payers any money. Here' my suggestion: Restructure the Internal Revenue Service to absorb the new Federal Lottery Commission. Once revenues are established (and they will because people love to gamble) the new revenue from lottery earnings will offset and exceed monies obtained from federal income tax and the IRS will not be needed. We don't need to eliminate the IRS and put those government employees out of work...they will just become federal lottery commission employees.



Idea No. 5332