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The Government spends way too much money on contractors, and one the of biggest examples where it is unnecessary, and actually damaging is in the Information Technology field. There is absolutely no justification to allow a contractor to provide any form of IT help whatsoever, and this is solely from a security stand point (not even considering competency). Hiring a fed at a 7/9/11 GS level to do help desk work Tiers 1/2/3 is much more intelligent and cost effective for two major reasons. First, its much cheaper overall. Signing a huge five year contract with a company to provide relaxed and unmotivated IT support is ubsurd when we could be paying people that are technically inept that have a vested interest in bettering the Government. Contractors have no vested interest in bettering the Government as a whole, they are in the game to make the most money for the least amount of work. We need people working for the Government that actually care about its future and continuity of operations rather than adding a few bucks to their EOY bonuses.

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