Department of Justice

Federal Employee Video Testimony

Routinely the DOJ and US Attorneys Office will subpoena Federal employees to testify in cases outside of the employee's geographical work area.


These cases can often be cross country in nature as currently my office on the West Coast is working to find funding to send an employee to the East Coast for under one hour of general background testimony.


A cross country flight and hotel for less than one hour of general testimony. This is our Government at work. A Government which is under a a debt crisis yet we continue to spend on travel when there is no need.


We can do much better by having the involved employee sworn in at the local US Courthouse and testify or provide affidavit by video conference. Extensive and immediate cost savings.


This is applicable to all agencies and bureaus to include but not limited to; BOP, CBP, CPSC, DOJ, FBI, DHS, HSI, HUD, ICE, IRS, NOAA, USDA.


See below file for research and legality of video testimony.

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