Social Security Administration

Federal Employee Doctors for SSA & Disability = Reduced Claims

Individuals can currently receive social security and temporary or permanent disability benefits by getting a doctor to agree and fill out the necessary forms to request claims. If these individuals know the system and know what to tell the doctors they are seeing, it is easy for them to obtain the benefits.

If the government hired professional doctors to evaluate these individuals before they are able to get benefits, as well as require the individual to continue seeing these professionals at determined intervals for their benefits to continue if it is not a permanent situation, this could reduce the number of individuals on benefits that should not qualify. Due to some believing they are disqualified due to a biased government opinion, the individual should be allowed to get a second opinion from another federal doctor if requested. Should these doctors have different opinions, a third and final opinion should be sought. If the condition is deemed to be permanent or long term, the doctor should decide if there should be a follow up and when.

I personally know there are a few situations where the person is capable of working at least part time, but they are too lazy to work and would rather live off the system. In addition, I am aware of some situations where the person’s condition is the cause for their inability to work, but treatment is available with no serious risks. If the condition can be treated by surgery or other methods without serious risks or side affects, but the person chooses not to spend the money for treatment, then they should not be able to continue collecting benefits. If job training is needed, then we should reduce a part of their benefits to go towards direct payment of that job training.



Idea No. 8638