Department of Justice

Federal Bureau of Prisons realignment.

I recommend mandatory "late night", weekend and holiday scheduling for Unit Team members (Case Managers, Correctional Counselors and Unit Managers) be eliminated. The Federal Bureau of Prisons could realize millions of dollars in savings by realigning "late night" work schedules to end at 6pm, rather than 9pm, thereby eliminating the paying of the 10% shift differential. The same logic applies to eliminating Unit Team scheduling during weekends and holidays. Sunday pay differential is 25% and holidays are an additional 8 hours of pay. A rough estimate of the savings that could be realized by FCI Englewood, a small institution, would be approximately $27,000 a year!


If the logic behind current scheduling practices is to have staff available for the inmates, then all departments should have representatives available to the inmate population during non-business hours. If the logic is to have more staff coverage, those dollars could be more effectively used by increasing the numbers of correctional staff, at a lower wage, to cover shifts.


Furthermore, scheduling Unit Team late nights to end at 6pm affords inmates working UNICOR or Food Service the opportunity to meet with Unit Team. If staff coverage is needed past 6pm to cover airlifts, bus runs, or court returns, schedules could be adjusted to cover those instances on an as needed basis.


With the advent of the computerized inmate visiting system and the uploading of central file documents to the new ISD system, Unit Team is not needed for visiting clearances. Ultimately, the Operations Lieutenant/Duty Officer makes the decision on inmate visitation.


Reduce the number of GS-11 Lieutenants at LOW and MINIMUM Security institutions. GS-9 Lieutenants can be utilized for coverage during Day Watch hours.


Eliminate one Associate Warden at smaller and/or lower security level institutions.



Idea No. 9098