Environmental Protection Agency

FedCenter Federal Facilities Environmental Compliance Center

FedCenter, the virtual Federal Facility Environmental Stewardship and Compliance Assistance Center at www.fedcenter.gov. is meeting the growing need for timely and accurate environmental compliance information in the federal sector. It is a collaboration of a dozen federal agencies pooling environmental expertise and limited financial resources of its partners to efficiently improve environmental environmental performance across the Federal sector.


The Center presently serves over 10,000 federal environmental officials for all federal agencies and received more than a million hits for information and assistance in 2010. Multiple opportunities exist for building and growing inter-agency partnerships – focused on pooling of resources and utilizing new technology to deliver improved federal-wide services – that would benefit the Federal government’s environmental performance.

FedCenter leverages the design, development, implementation and management of environmental technical and compliance assistance activities on to the federal users of those services, and pools their collective expertise and funds economically. It could become a model for other collaborative efforts, piloted across the Federal government, to provide improved services at less cost. For example, perhaps the new website for The Partnership for Sustainable Communities (http://www.sustainablecommunities.gov) among HUD, DOT and EPA might be further enhanced with some of the additional resources and services that FedCenter includes. E3 (Economy, Energy and Environment, at http://www.e3.gov), another interagency initiative which involves EPA, SBA and the Departments of Commerce, Energy and Labor to target federal resources to assist manufacturers in becoming more efficient, competitive and sustainable is another potential candidate that might potentially benefit from such a support system. The FedCenter model should be replicated across the federal sector to improve performance and save money.



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