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Fed Review Committee on Lean Six Sigma Project Proposals

The Department of the Army has generated multi-million dollar savings/cost avoidances through the Lean Six Sigma program through implementation of a myriad of projects. Unfortunately, there are also many projects that go through the entire process and review, deemed valuable in efficiencies and then ultimately end up not being implemented for various reasons. There is an inordinate amount of time spent on this entire process with some leadership not implementing the project results because they don’t like it, ignoring the potential cost savings or avoidance. My proposal is to establish a Federal board/body of representatives that reviews all LSS projects completed in the Federal Government for worthiness in application across the Federal Government and to provide recommendations like the GAO does or the Army Audit Agency executes to ensure cost savings methods are actually implemented. If this is not accomplished, the continued waste of resources executing LSS studies will continue.

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