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FSA to sell Crop Insurance

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We could increase our revenue by billons each year, if we sold crop insurance instead of independent agents. We (the tax payers) pay millions to crop insurance agents to subsidize the Farmers crop insurance premiums that they pay for the coverage. This amount is to do the paper work. We already do their paper work, with the added saving that there would be each office could hire an additional full time employee to just sell and service crop insurance to our producers, they report to us anyway so they wouldn't have to do it at both places. This would really save billions a year. Check the figures, its no joke. The public would be appalded at the amount of money that we pay for each policy sold by the individual agent. Just take a look in your town at the crop insurance agents houses, cars etc. how do you think they are living so well, we the tax payers are paying for all of that. FSA could sell and service the policy's with not much extra money involved compared to what the subsidies are. Do your home work and check out the savings.

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