Department of Veterans Affairs

FOIA & Attorney Claim Copy Request-Scan Paper Folders Not Copy

Federal Claim Agencies receive many requests for claim copies. There are millions of paper claims folders.


FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) Requests involve copying a paper claim to give to the Veteran or Claimant.


Attorney Copy Requests involve copying a paper claim to give to the Attorney, Veteran or Claimant.


I suggest that we utilize scanners rather than copiers with these requests. We should scan in the paper claims folder to an electronic environment. We could burn a copy of the claim for the requestor. This claim folder would now be electronic.


This action would save millions of federal dollars per year. The Federal Government would save on paper costs and storage costs. Some claims are actually box files, and being electronic, it would save around 2 square feet per claim.


This action would assist in giving the American People the Federal Government that they expect and deserve.

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Idea No. 12174