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Going to a 40 hour work week with four ten hours days a 10/4 schedule would allow the same amount of work to get done to save money in all kinds of ways... in energy, gas (globally), highway congestion(in CONUS), lights, heating or cooling, janitorial services, security, possibly other arease as well. We just held a recent IG audit and the auditor asked if you had 1 single thing that could improve our organization what would it be?: the consensus was to either allow telecommuting (which bosses frown on because folks could game the system since mostly it's on a good faith system and not work) only (quote on quote) special well respected workers are allowed this benifit with no way to monitor there activity either. By going to a Federally mandated 10 hour week schedule it keeps folks honest while saving in the Billions of dollars annually. From a morale perspective it could allow leaders in the government to take those extra four days a month a put this time into there communities cleaning their cities, beaches and public neglected arease up and providing an overall improvement to government and American daily life. Folks would work longer but play longer too! Thursday's would be the new Friday with more time for leisure activities improving tourism in places like Hawaii, New Orleans, Detroit -Michigan where I'm from and doing the things they want to this short life..stimulating the economy since folks would have a 3 day mini vacation at thier disposal for the folks that wanted participate in this optional federally mandated 10 hr, work week option. In terms of readiness: The folks that opted into this schedule could further enhance operations by being on call demonstrating thier patriotic duty for the warfighter and country. Clue you in! Most folks in the government are already working longer hrs already without compensation (sounds like alaw suit waiting to happen) and they feel stressed, morale is low because of this negative overtone from the government

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