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Department of Homeland Security

FED Traveler

Currently FED Traveler is the program used to book official travel for all official travel. Using this program we are forced to over pay for plane tickets and well basically all travel arrangments made using the program. 1st. Each travel itinerary cost the government $29.10. I have booked plenty of flights for my spouse to come to visit me while on detail and it was free using the airline website. 2nd. Stop buying the contract fair flights they are a waste of money and 5 times the cost of a regular ticket. Example my flight for a detail cost the government 800 dollars round trip. My spouse it only cost her 250 round trip. There is no way that a round trip ticket should cost $5000 but it did when I went to Cape Verde. If this system was just turned over to the individule traveling like the FAMS do it would save millions.



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