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FAA's "Sound Insulation Program"

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Few people are aware of this FAA program which wastes hundreds of millions of dollars a year. FAA just spend an average of $48,000 PER HOUSE for 30 houses in Great Falls to "sound insulate" these houses. Here's the rip-off: all these people built or bought their houses at market value years ago knowing they were by the airport...and thei mpact of jet noise (oh, by the way, we probabluy have 20 flights a day going in/out of Great Falls). But FAA just upgraded these houses not just with noise baffles, but air conditioners, insulation, new windows and doors, siding, and appliances! Yeah, your tax dollars are wasted.

So each owner that gets this $48,000 gift just increased there house value by that amount curtesy of our tax dollars.

Again, every home owner bought/built their house at market value knowing the impact of noise. What about the thousands of others who don't get this same gift. Discrimination? WASTEFUL?? ABSOLUTELY


This program has greatly exceed its intended purpose and should be terminated NOW.

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