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F-22/F-35 maintenance cost

Right now the F-22 is the most dangerous jet fighter out there. It can go up against a dozen F-15s and F-16s and shoots them all down; it has yet to fight anyone else. It could be the stealth capability of the aircraft or its advanced weapons system that give it the edge. I propose this, take two F-22s and strip all its stealth coating from them and paint them F-15E model gray(118). Fly it at the next Red Flag and see how well it does against F-15’s and F-16’s, maybe get some other countries to bring their top fighter aircraft to play along as well. See how well an F-22 with no stealth capability does against the EURO fighter. If it still performs as well as it did when it was stealthy, start painting the rest of the fleet F-15E model gray. But don’t get rid of all the stealth aircraft, keep 6 to 12 fully loaded stealth fighters on the east coast and 6 to 12 on the west coast. Or just keep 6 fully loaded stealth fighters at each base they are currently assigned. With the jets that you have F-15E model gray you would get more flight time out of them. They would also spend less time on the ground for LO maintenance. Your pilots would get more flight time/training and you would get your money’s worth out of the aircraft.

As for the F-35, they really haven’t been around as long as the F-22 but it would probably be the same thing.

This would cut back the high cost of the LO/RAM material, supplies and the number of costly facilities that are needed to maintain the aircraft! With the aircrafts just being painted F-15E model gray you could work on them in any old hanger!



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