Department of Defense

Express Acquisitions Reform

1. Eliminate superfluous manpower.

A. Review internet history of all employees. Those with more than one-hour of personal website use per day are expendable and should be reviewed for dismissal. Military should be reassigned to an operational unit.

B. Review frequent traveler miles/points accrued during business travel. Those with trends on a specific airline or hotel chain (particularly luxury chains) should be audited for purpose of travel and whether those chains were in fact least expensive option to gov't.

C. Perform a walk-through of office work spaces at 1400 on two consecutive Fridays and see who is hard at work. Employees who frequently leave early are expendable and should be reviewed for dismissal


2. Consolidated Work Schedule (CWS) should be abolished, or employees should be required to clock-in and clock-out. This is the most abused system currently in DoD.


3. Travel auditing for acquisitions commands should be performed by personnel outside of those respective commands.


4. Facility inspections should be conducted of acquisition bases in the Capitol Region and compared to operational bases outside of DC/VA/MD. Observe how many operational units have basic necessities such as cleaning supplies, as well as who performs the clean-up for those facilities (warfighters). Observe the same at acquisitions organizations.


5. Eliminate performance based logistics (PBL) contracts. Any time you pay for a product now that you receive later, you inherently lose—sometimes money based on unforeseen expenses, other times time in haggling over contractual specifics. Compare to filing an insurance claim. We waste the majority of our time trying to iron down contractual requirements and language. We (DoD) will never out-smart private industry when it comes to making or saving money.



Idea No. 5086