Department of Justice

Expand and Market Rewards for Report Waste

Step 1. Fund and Market Program Allowing Inspector Generals to Reward Employees Reporting Waste

5 United States Code 4512 permits inspector generals to give awards of up to 1% of the amount saved to employees reporting waste, fraud, or abuse. Many if not most IG do not reward employees who report waste and do not market the program. Employees who are have ideas to save money do not know about the program.


Step 2. Expand Marketing and Intake of Civil Division to step up enforcement of the False Claims Act. The Department of Justice Civil Division enforces the False Claims Act against recipients of government funds who overbill the government. However, the Civil Division does not do any marketing. My idea is to market the Civil Division False Claims Act enforcement efforts to individuals with knowledge of possible overbilling such as creating a web page with contact information and encouraging contract officers to contact them about questionable payments. Although individuals reporting overbilling can receive 25% of the amount overbilled, people do no idea where to report it. Providing the Civil Division $10 million of additional funding specifically to expand enforcement of the False Claim Act to conduct intake and marketing and file new cases would have a 10,000% return on investment.


Step 3. Expand on the awards for employees coming up with ideas to save money. Unlike the Save Awards where ideas can get incorporated into the budget, managers can and should more often make awards to employees of come up with ways to save money.


Step 4. Give performance awards, Presidential rank awards, and non-monetary recognition for members of the Senior Executive Service linked to their success in implementing cost saving measures.

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