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Department of Homeland Security

Expand USCIS Use of INSITE Management Tool

DHS/USCIS uses an on-line tool Internal Self-Inspection, Tracking and Evaluation (INSITE) to strengthen controls, identify deficiencies & write corrective plans. INSITE’s focus is compliance (laws, regulations, policies and procedures). INSITE is for accountability to all agency levels and fosters integrity.

INSITE administration is done by USCIS Management Directorate, Security & Integrity (OSI) Internal Review Division (IRD) does INSITE development, implementation, training, management, results, analysis and reports.

Other OSI divisions use a manual process to review compliance areas (ex: NSI, sensitive property, personnel security & facility risk). HQ OSI staff work are the same who administer the programs resulting in a potential conflict of interest.


OSI requires USCIS FOD to perform Self-Reviews (SR) and Site Assistance Visits (SAV) requiring OSI staff travel. Whether SR or SAV, the FOD is required to develop/monitor action plans to correct identified weaknesses submitted via email attachment to report results. INSITE has inherent access controls such that FOD findings are not “emailed” on the DHS network for unauthorized disclosure. Information access is based on need to know.


Incorporating OSI SR and SAV into the INSITE process offers many benefits to USCIS through use of a single tool. Security topics would be managed with other areas of specialization under the Management Directorate (OWCP, COOP, Safety, Human Capital, Finance, etc.). In addition, INSITE includes access control necessary to secure the information.


This change would improve efficiency and accountability in the inspection process, eliminate or reduce need for on-site inspection and related travel expenses, assure dual-control so that OSI staff are no longer responsible for inspection findings, allows for better utilization of Field Office INSITE Coordinators and promotes objective, neutral inspections regarding national, physical and personnel security.



Idea No. 8374