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Department of Homeland Security

Excessive e-mails

There is an e-mail message that is sent to all in our Port, which really should only be going to CBP Officers affected by the overtime call-out list. The message comes 1 to 3x a day. It is an annoyance to me and others who are non-uniform personnel. The message has no relevance to us. We already receive a burdensome amount of mind-boggling e-mails. This not only wastes our time, even if we delete them, but it is annoying when it pops up, and disturbs our focus. Attempts to get us eliminated from the mailing list have been futile and this adds to frustration in the work-place. All this is inefficient. My suggestion is that we have proper mailing lists and thought when e-mails are sent -- so that irrelevant e-mails are not sent and relevant e-mails are sent.



Idea No. 6454