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Excess Service Facilities

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We cannot afford to provide duplicate services that are not profitable. I suggest that we close and demolish all non-profitable (total revenues must be greater than total expenses including overhead such as utilities, building maintenance, and all soft costs no matter the color of money) service buildings on military installations within the United States where comparable services are offered within a nearby community (perhaps within 10-15 miles). If necessary, a program can be created that provides vouchers for services not provided on the installation, but this is only as a last resort to make the program happen. All demolished service facilities would create substantial utility and maintenance savings. In addition, many personnel thought to be over compensated by some researchers belong to these facilities (It seems that employees performing work that requires less education typically can get better compensated within the government section as compared to the private sector (for example retail work)). Services facilities that should be considered for demolition include but are not limited to: BX, Commissary, Shoppette, Library, Theater, Bowling Center and Veterinarian. Assuming there are about 80 Air Force bases in the US, if you could close and demolish an already non-profitable service building at each installation you would save tons from utility, maintenance, and personnel costs. All military services should be included in this program to make savings even greater. This would also encourage installation personnel to interact with communities more often. A greater understanding between the public and installation personnel can be shaped.

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