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Excess Internet (Data) Circuit Capacity

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Imagine if you lived with a roommate and he wanted Comcast Xfinity internet. So he paid for it. And you live upstairs and you want Verizon FIOS…and you pay for it. All of us would say “Wow…why do you need two internet connections?? That’s wasteful!” But when you come to the DoD, this problem of multiple internet access circuits happens every day.


US Navy (incl USMC) has $60M in excess terrestrial internet circuit capacity and a budget of approx $240M. This figure is about 25% wasteful. Navy is investigating excess capacity and is working to define what circuits can be cut and/or removed. Based upon experience, other DoD component services have 20-30% excess capacity as well.


Overall DoD internet circuit budget is $1B and by extrapolating a waste factor of 25%, we are wasting about $250M per year on internet access across the department.


DISA, the agency that we are required to use for internet access, is partially a Non-Appropriated Fund (NAF) entity. They have no incentive to reduce the excess circuit capacity because they get paid! In the past, they have raised the monthly bill that each service pays so that they can conduct research and development efforts that the services don’t want.


There is no internal DoD regulatory check on DISA and they are wasting $250M per year. This submission aims to generate a high ROI and can be accomplished inside the executive branch without congressional action.

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